Host Your Own Online Casino: Why New Technology Matters

Let’s not hold back on the fact that the online gambling market is one of the most profitable industries to be in. It outranks the arts, fashion and retail many times over. Billions are pumped into this industry year on year, so why not have your cake and eat it also. Here we discuss the technical needs of an online gambling operator.

Know EVERYTHING about your target market

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Business rule #1: know your market before you try to be part of it. Often great ideas all come about during our day to day lives, questioning why ‘this’ doesn’t exist or why ‘that’ hasn’t been invented. Everyone has a mobile app idea and that is as far as the idea goes. Those that do, do so because they see the bigger picture. There is no sense in forming a casino online if you have not gambled before.

Sites came about from players wanting to help others search for better gambling alternatives, they know how to gamble and the tricks of the trade, but didn’t have the business knowledge to run a casino themselves.

Many sites like this exist for players across the world looking for the perfect casino. Players in South Africa can find online comparators to track down the right sites, offering the right games, with the best bonuses.

To Start creating your site, you best start learning what is involved in the world of online gambling and casino setups. You can study these sites from these comparative website choices to see what makes an online casino a top 10 choice for players.

The necessary infrastructure of an online casino

The biggest technical advance in recent years for casinos in the mobile market, there are no questions about this. In 2017, the ICC ran a poll on to see how players access their own online games and it was 63% in favour of the mobile. You now have a marketing platform on which to build your online casino around.

If it was not known, games are not developed by the casino. Independent software developers make the games and use the casino as the platform to which people access them. The days of Flash as a software are over, so you will need to think about those able to provide games that run on the HTML5 program which are the only way if your casino is to be mobile-friendly.

There are many developers in the market and the recommended top 5 would be NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming and Red Tiger. Hands-down, any casino supplying these game-makers and their products are enjoying the return of a high customer base and profits.

If you are to choose the right gaming platform, be it mobile, desktop or MAC, there also needs to be the consideration to where the technology advancements will come. The next step in the evolution of the casino is Virtual Reality. Slowly becoming a reality, the VR games are in production but have not yet played any major part at all in the option of online casino lobbies.

Marketing your product and service

Marketing and casinos have a restrictive relationship, especially if your funds are low, to begin with. You will find that many comparison sites that will help promote sites for a fee. Rarely you will find the big brand names on these sites because despite being considered the best in the business, it is not a requirement or necessity of that casino to advertise on a comparison site.

Players want the opportunity to win big the easiest way possible, gamblers have become smarter to the process in recent times, hedging their options and learning more about the facts. For a successful pitch to your future clientele, reflect their awareness in how you sell and present the casino. If a player knows that a Progressive Jackpot requires them to play maximum wagers in order to qualify then they are still given a choice, put more money in or not. Being clear about games is always a 50/50 chance, unlike the games that are offered, technically speaking.